The Bill Dup, by Zewlan Moor

A young boy notices a line of ants marching in, right into the house. His mum says they spell rain but she doesn't want to get his hopes up...

A charming and linguistically playful story about a boy's first experience of The Bill Dup - a heady build-up to rain after a long period of drought.

Written by Zewlan Moor, Illustrated by Simon O'Carrigan

in September, 2023!

now at your local bookstore, or here, or here.

About the Author

Zewlan Moor writes playful books for kids.
When she's not reading and playing:
a) boardgames with her kids, and
b) with a robot at work.

The Bill Dup Illustrator Simon O'Carrigan


Zewlan Moor is available for speaking engagements for adults and children.
These include in-person and virtual school visits, keynotes and as MC.

Speaking Agent:

Speakers Ink

Phone: 07 30408-INK(465)

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